Stibbard TV, Video, & Antenna Services
117 Anson St, Orange, New South Wales 2800
Phone: 02 6362 4766
Mobile: 04 0706 2979

Vintage Radios

Alan Stibbard began catering to Orange residents over a half century ago when he took over his father’s radio business. After turning 17, Alan started working on black and white television sets, along with various radios and antennas. Since then, the technician has continued to operate on the cutting edge of the industry, offering the most advanced services on the market.

With all of that being said, Alan has never forgotten his roots. To this day, he continues to work on vintage antique radios, restoring the items to their former glory. Just take a look around the Stibbards shop and you’re sure to get a glimpse of one of these lovely pieces.

If you’ve got an antique radio that you’d like to have repaired, don’t hesitate to contact 02 6362 4766. We’d love to show you some of the vintage radios that we have around the shop.
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